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May 6, 2020

Turtles and ghost gear – paddling in the Maldives

In early 2019, just as the weather was getting really miserable in the UK, I was fortunate enough to head off to the Maldives for the trip of a lifetime…
Marine recycled kayaks
February 21, 2020

Join the Paddle for Plastic community and protect our seas on a free recycled kayak

Are you passionate about protecting our waterways and seas? We are giving away a recycled kayak alongside Odyssey Innovation every month to groups and individuals with projects that take action…
Marine recycled kayaks
April 12, 2019

Using plastic pollution to save the turtles it kills

Every year hundreds of sea turtles are entangled, maimed and killed by abandoned fishing nets around the tropical atolls of the Maldives as they return to the ocean from their…

Winners of the 2019 Paddle Expo Special Jury Prize for turning marine waste into new kayaks.

Odyssey Innovation

An estimated two million tonnes of our plastic waste reaches the ocean every year from rivers alone*. There is a growing tide of pressure and volunteering to clean up our beaches and oceans. And in this effort to recover what we have discarded in the sea we have found a resourceful partner. Rob Thompson found it unacceptable to burn or bury the plastic he was collecting with his group of activists when it can be recycled. With this goal in mind he developed a way to make old fishing nets, crates, buoys and bottles into a plastic that can be moulded again – and founded Odyssey Innovation.

Not only does this plastic collected from dives and beach cleans find a new life, but thanks to Islander Kayaks we can make it into fun sit-on-top kayaks … just the thing to get you out amongst the waves to appreciate the Great British coastline … and the ideal craft to help with the cause, collecting the plastic flotsam you find along the way!

*Nature Communications vol. 8 – River plastic emissions to the world’s oceans


Rob Thompson

Boasting impressive stability and great tracking via its strong stern keel, this is the perfect two or three man kayak that’s suitable for open water or inland paddling missions. The boat’s wide beam, wave piercing nose and water shedding deck all add to the versatility of the Paradise II design.

Sitons.comParadise II

… completamente equipaggiato il Bolero si è rivelato un ottimo affare, stabile, veloce, comodo, un metro di lunghezza in meno rispetto ai classici seakayaks (ma non si sente)

Alpin Action (Italy)Bolero